Shenzhen Reili Watches Co., Ltd. was founded in 2008, is a set of design, production and sales as one, professional watch manufacturers. Nearly ten years of manufacturing experience and professional strength of the enterprise, inherited the sharp brand of advanced watchmaking technology. With its high-quality imported materials, high-end fashionable product design, and exquisite and elegant watchmaking technology has led the fashion trend of modern watches.

Sharp watch has always adhered to the "enterprising, strive for perfection" business philosophy, with a number of top professional watch design team at home and abroad, constantly innovative, unique design is sharp watch on the interpretation of modern life attitude. At the same time, adhering to the concept of sustainable development, dedicated to building excellent family enterprises, to create a high-end practical watch brand and unremitting efforts!

[company size]

Shenzhen Reili Timetable Co., Ltd. is a design, production, operation integration of e-commerce plus production and trade company, Guangzhou Branch is located in the cultural and creative industry park with literary flavor - - Baiyun District Jiangxia COOC Courtyard Industrial Park, the park beautiful scenery, convenient transportation, set office, catering, fitness, leisure Entertainment is one.

[company establishment]

In 2008, we officially entered the electricity supplier industry and started by two people who have dreams and feelings after 80.

[main business]

The company mainly watches, smart bracelet, smart watch products. Its own brand is "sharp". "Sharp watch" enjoys a high reputation in the industry, and its products sell well both at home and abroad. Jingdong, Tmall,, Alibaba and other platforms have achieved remarkable results. At present, cross-border e-commerce has also begun to open up, operating express, WISH, EBAY, Amazon and other foreign e-commerce platforms.

[company brand]

Sharpen -- make progress and strive for perfection.

[company strengths]

Team members: new force after 90;

Team atmosphere: simple, relaxed and happy.

Team execution: efficient, learning, sharing and growth.

[company philosophy]

Welcome young people with dreams and feelings to join us!

[our way of contact]

Contact: Mr. Zou

Contact number: 15899777730

Mode of transportation:

Metro station: block B, East Industrial Zone, sand border, Shenzhen.