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1 Registered capital: 1 million RMB
2 Registration number: 440306111899806
3 Registered address: Block B, 8 / F, East Xixiang Industrial Zone, Xixiang, Baoan District.
4 Duration of operation: 2014-12-23 to date
5 Date of approval: 2016-09-02


Quality, environment, safety and social responsibility policy

Quality policy:

We are committed to the vision and value, and strive for innovation and innovation to serve our business and customers

  • Our Vision
  • Our vision is to be a global leader in every market area; to be popular with our customers with amazing design, excellent quality, and value beyond.

  •  Our Values
  • Our corporate culture is based on honesty, integrity and respect. We are determined to do our best to fulfill our commitment to our colleagues, customers and partners.

    Occupational safety and health management system:

    Our goal is to provide a safe and healthy workplace for all by preventing occupational injuries and diseases. And in all operation and management stages, accident prevention is the most important management skill. Efforts will be made to provide safe and healthy working conditions, establish and adhere to all internal and external stakeholders at any time can obtain safe working procedures. We will implement full participation in the operation, maintenance and continuous improvement of the management system, and effectively improve the company's potential risks according to risk assessment. We will strictly abide by applicable regulations, standards and commitments to internal and external stakeholders to achieve the goal of zero occupational hazards.

    Environmental Management System:

    We are committed to protecting the environment in all aspects of operation. Through the establishment of environmental objectives and the continuous improvement of management systems, we will recognize the possible impact on the environment and meet the requirements of relevant regulations.

    And take control measures in the view of life cycle as follows:

    1. Compliance with laws and regulations: abide by environmental protection laws and regulations, and continue to carry out education, training and independent inspection, to achieve environmental protection prevention, improvement and development management.
    2. Green products & Procurement: preferential procurement of low pollution, recyclable, energy saving products.
    3. Energy Saving and Carbon Reduction: Regular review of energy performance, improve the reusability of resources, and reduce waste generation.
    4. Environmental protection matters (including contractors, suppliers, etc.) are required under the influence.

    As the READ environmental health and safety related consulting matters, please Mail, such as product and customer service related matters,Please check with customer service support center.