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READ is committed to keeping its products, applications, and websites secure for every user, so data security is very important to us. To achieve this goal, the following are the measures taken by READ for data security.

Important disclosure policy of READ

Information security is the primary task of READ. If you are a security researcher or a customer of readwatch and think you have found a security problem or vulnerability, we appreciate your exposing the problem to readwatch. Do not use or modify data, and act in good faith without degrading read's products, applications, and websites.

If you think you have found a security vulnerability or have a security event that must be reported, please let us know by filling in the form below. Please describe in detail the security vulnerabilities found and provide an e-mail address in case we need more information to contact you. We will try our best to evaluate the report as soon as possible. We are very grateful to you for your help in READ products, applications and website security. We are also very grateful to all users who report security issues.

Using PGP key

If you like, you can download our public PGP key and use a third-party encryption site to improve the privacy of the report.

Frequently asked questions about READ security policy

What did READ do to prevent and solve data security problems?

READ configuring a large number of security personnel to protect and monitor all possible threats to information security all day. Zimbabwe staff work closely with Read's overall team to maintain product, application, and website security. READ's team members also continue to make security enhancements and update the operating system to keep the server up-to-date.

How can personal data be protected?

READ uses a variety of security measures, personnel processes, and forms a defensive barrier in depth to protect your data processing. READ will continue to assess our security status and further enhance data security.

What information do I get from the third party?

No, without your express consent. Although READ and many third parties provide you with a rich experience, we will not provide your personal information to third parties without your consent.

What is the privacy policy of READ?

Please read the full text of our privacy policy on how your data may be shared with third parties.